Monday, May 30, 2016

I'm going on a mission!

Hey everyone! (Soon to be) Sister Barnes here! I'm creating this blog so you can see updates on my mission. My mom will post weekly updates (hopefully). I'm going to start with a quick intro on why I decided to dedicate 18 months to the Lord:

All growing up, I could never picture myself going on a mission. I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to go. Until the beginning of the fall semester in 2015. I had an introduction interview with the bishop, Bishop Marrott. He asked about my opinion on serving a mission and I told him I didn't really have a desire to go, but I also didn't have anything against going if that's what I needed to do. Bishop had me read D&C 9. The verses in this chapter that stood out to me at first were verse 8-9.
But, behold, I say unto you, that you must astudy it out in your bmind; then you must cask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your dbosom shall eburn within you; therefore, you shall ffeel that it is right.
 But if it be not right you shall have no such feelings, but you shall have a astupor of thought that shall cause you to forget the thing which is wrong; therefore, you cannot write that which is bsacred save it be given you from me.
So basically, I just needed to make a logical decision and pray about it. I thought about this for a second when I was instantly prompted to read my patriarchal blessing. I was shocked that there was an entire paragraph on the full-time mission I would be serving. I guess I had seen this before, but I kind of just pushed it aside. This was the first time it really stood out to me, I realized that I needed to serve a mission, whether I wanted to at this point or not. I went back to D&C 9 and read the first part more carefully. It's talking about Oliver Cowdery and how there were more records that needed to be translated. But because he was didn't immediately obey what God commanded, the privilege of translating was taken away for a time.
And, behold, it is because that you did not continue as you commenced, when you began to translate, that I have taken away this privilege from you.
This verse honestly scared me a little bit.. I KNEW that I needed to serve a mission. I was terrified. I wanted to pray about it just to double check... so after studying it out in my mind and asking if it was right, my bosom BURNED. This was when I decided to go. I told a few close friends and my older sister, Allison. I was nervous but I knew I could do it. I started working on my desire to serve.

Shortly after this decision, I opened up my mission papers with my bishop. I didn't really know how to tell my parents about this big choice, so I just didn't... I decided I wanted to surprise them with my call. I knew they had ALWAYS wanted me to go on a mission, even though I kind was kinda snappy to them about it. I made all the arrangements necessary to make SURE they'd have absolutely no idea what was going on. 

On March 14th I FINALLY got my call in the mail. We made the arrangements necessary so mom, dad, and Sarah would be home when we (Justin, Rachel, and Alli) came over. Mom and dad were expecting Justin and Rachel, but all the kids showed up on the doorstep. I think it'd be more fun to watch the video than read about it... Here's the link:

I leave on my mission in just over a month and my desire to serve has gone out of the roof. I'm SO excited to serve my Heavenly Father and the people of Columbus. I'm also scared, but I know I'll be watched over and guided there.


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