Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dreams Come True (June 26)

Area #4, with Sis Andersen

Hello family and friends!

I am going to start with a scripture. 

3 Nephi 10:11
And thus far were the scriptures fulfilled which had been spoken by the prophets.

But I'm going to modify it to apply to my mission.

And thus far were the [promises] fulfilled which had been spoken by [President Daines].

Now let me explain by going back to October when I was being trained by Sister Blaser. We had our regular interviews and I had an awesome experience with President Daines. President promised that me and Sister Blaser would baptize together. We thought it would be that transfer but our guy on date dropped us. Then we got doubled out. So before every transfer we'd email each other and wonder if this would be the transfer that we got put together again to baptize together. Last transfer was her final transfer and we weren't made companions. She was teaching this guy named Seth and she told me all about him. He was getting baptized the day after she was supposed to leave so she got special permission to extend a day to be there for his baptism. So. Thursday morning I got the news that I'd be transferred to OSU (I'll talk more about that later.) I went into Sister Blaser's old area where Seth would be getting baptized. Friday morning after the departing missionaries were dropped off at the airport we got a call from President Daines. He asked if we'd be okay with having a third companion for a little while. We said yeah! Then Sister Blaser came. We got to be in a trio for a day and a half and we got to... BAPTIZE TOGETHER! It was so special. 

Okay there is so much to talk about. I'll start with transfer news. So I'm serving on OSU campus in the YSA Ward. It's a ton of fun and just super awkward all the time. I'll be here all summer at least and maybe even through the end of my mission. My companion is Sister Andersen. She's from Idaho! She came out the same time as Sister Hall and Sister Flora. We are already having a blast and finding a ton of people! So basically we just have quick lessons with people at the institute and walk around campus trying to talk to everyone we can. It's fun and fast paced. We ride the bus from our apartment every morning and meet some odd people on it.

Seth just got baptized! Sister Blaser and Sister Andersen have been working with him for about a month and a half. He was just golden and loves the gospel. His testimony is so simple and strong. It was a super cool baptismal service. It took like 6 tries to get it right, but it was awesome. 

That's about all. This is the last week with President and Sister Daines. I'm excited to meet the Stratfords this week! We've got a bunch of lessons and things lined up. It should be a great week. 

Love you all!

Sister Barnes

Just Listen to the Spirit (June 22)

This week was awesome! No surprise baptisms or anything, but we had a good time.

Zone conference was Tuesday. It was our last one with the Daines. I love them so much and they will be dearly missed. I wrote a long thing in my journal about how much I love them, but I think I'll spare you from that. Just know that they've had the biggest influence on me and what I want for the future. President Stratford and his wife will arrive in a week! I'm beyond excited to meet them and see what they bring to the mission! We got to go to the temple and it was wonderful as always. I got some answers to questions and just felt really good about everything. We got a new car which is worthy to mention. It's a brand new 2017 Chevy Malibu. It had 51 miles on it when we got it. Haha probably the newest car I'll ever drive.

We had exchanges on Thursday and I was with Sister Monroe. She's in Powell and is doing awesome things there. We met some cool people! One was Jack. Jack helped design the San Diego temple. He had to take “Mormon classes" in SLC to learn about some of the architectural significances of the temple. Super cool. We're teaching him soon. He lives right by the church but never made the connection that it's a Mormon church.

Evidence of 2 Nephi 27:20 "I am able to do mine own work." Saturday we both got this prompting to text this lady who we've stopped by a few times to see. All the times have been bad times and we haven't been able to schedule a good one. So we thought of her and said we need to text her, but never did. it just slipped our minds right after it came. Sunday morning we walk into church and there she was and her son! She said the church had been on the back of her mind the past few months. She's been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to learn a lot more. So even though we were bums and didn't text her, she came to church!

Then Monday we decided to be way better about following promptings. It was dumping rain and we hadn't been to our apartment all day. We didn't have any rain gear and we felt like somebody needed us and would let us in. So we prayed and headed to see this one lady. On the way, we passed this street that another lady lives on. We had never met her, but we tried a lot of times. We thought it might've been a promoting so we decided to see her. We knocked a few times but nobody answered. We had her number so we called her. We left a voicemail saying who we were and that we wanted to meet her. We told her we stopped by but she wasn't home and we let her know a window was open so she could close it and protect her house from water damage. We hung up and went on to another person close by. On our way out of the neighborhood there was a cop in her driveway. We drive past and he followed us for a loooooooooong time. He didn't end up stopping us but we think we creeped this lady out and she called the cops on us haha oops. Maybe that wasn't a prompting. Maybe it was. Who knows!

Everyone is progressing well! Just know that everyone is awesome and the spirit is definitely touching hearts here.

I am happy. I love being a missionary. Heavenly Father is the best! Transfer calls will come sometime today. I'll email again when they do!

Love from Marysville,
Sister Barnes