Sunday, July 30, 2017

Diva Angel (July 3)

At Sloopy's
Happy 20th Birthday
Hello everyone!

Wow this week was awesome and full of miracles and funny things. Where to begin??

-S. came up to us in a building on campus while we were doing studies. He said that he had yelled at Sisters in the past but still feels bad about it. He asked us to forgive him. We taught him about forgiveness and the Atonement. We're going to teach him now. (Sister Deighton, he said it was you! He wanted me to tell you he is so sorry and ask for your forgiveness.)
-L. was sitting on the curb waiting for a bus. We talked to him (yes him, he has some gender issues right now but it'll work out) and he's super ready for the gospel. We've taught him the first 3 lessons and he came to church. Between our first and second lesson he read through 1 Nephi 14 and referenced verses while we were teaching. He love love loves the gospel and finally believes in God. He is so thankful that we stopped to talk to him and told us we would be high up in heaven for it. He told me that I would be a "diva angel" hahaha whatever that means!
-after district meeting we met up with the Daines and the assistants and went to Sloopy's, a diner on campus. There is a challenge that missionaries have been doing for years. It's 6 chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter spread in between them. You eat them as fast as you can. I broke the Sister's record by getting 6:07. Haha ew. It was a fun thing to do for the Daines last full day!
-I took Sister Empey on an exchange! It's weird on campus because you do the same thing but switch companions for the day. I still saw Sister Andersen a lot! We had a lot of fun and she's an awesome missionary. We wanted to be more creative so we chalked the plan of salvation on this moving chalk board on campus. Met a lot of cool people doing it.
-C. was carrying a bunch of stuff for a display and we offered to help. He said "yes please!" So we helped and were able to teach a bunch. He said he heard Mormons were super happy and helpful and he said we proved both of those. He is actually looking for a church and is meeting with us this week. He is gold.
-we met the new mission president, President Stratford! He's so awesome. He wants to keep the attitude of obedience and hard work. He was one of Elder Ballard (quorum of the 12 apostles) APs on his mission. The Stratfords are so funny and awesome.
-Saturday was my birthday. It was a pretty regular day except we ate alot of junk when we got home.
-C. was coming downtown to get her hair done. She's from a nicer area and was sketched out when she saw homeless people on the corners. She told us that she was praying the whole way there that she'd find someone to walk her to her appointment. She "just happened" to park outside of the institute when "2 nice looking girls" walked out of it. She said she instantly knew that we were the answer to her prayers. We walked with her and she called us after to walk her back. Missionaries who cover her area will begin teaching their family soon.
-church was crazy! So we went to both wards because we had investigators at both. A cute Asian lady came to one and we taught her and put her on date after church. Sadly she's 32 so we will need to refer her to a family ward. L. was at the later ward and just raved about how awesome it was. We taught him during 3rd hour to avoid the priesthood vs relief society issue.. haha
πŸ˜… we also taught Sunday school.
-after church and studies we had about an hour and a half until we needed to be home for the night (we have 8pm dinners here because we live far away and it's kinda sketchy to be out past 8.) we were wandering around campus trying to find people. Nobody was out so I had the thought to walk home (looking back, it was definitely the spirit). We usually take a 20 minute bus ride. It was almost 3 1/2 miles but we decided to do it and street contact anyway. Half way home K. was standing outside a bar waiting for it to open. We talked and he is super interested. He said he lives across the street and didn't know why he didn't just go home to wait. Later he said that we were an answer to his prayers. Teaching him again tonight.

AND SO MUCH MORE! Campus is fun because you're just doing WORK from 10 am-8 pm. We get a half hour lunch and a half hour of companion study in there. We walk so much and are basically always talking to someone. It's a lot of exhausting fun!

This week I have to be a solo flier and go to MLC alone. I'm hitching a ride from some sisters but it'll be weird. We have interviews on Wednesday and exchanges on Thursday. It's going to be a busy busy awesome week. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! I love America

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I know God prepares people and crosses our paths. I'm thankful for the Spirit that guides us in all things. This is the church of Jesus Christ!

Love you all!
Sister Barnes

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