Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dreams Come True (June 26)

Area #4, with Sis Andersen

Hello family and friends!

I am going to start with a scripture. 

3 Nephi 10:11
And thus far were the scriptures fulfilled which had been spoken by the prophets.

But I'm going to modify it to apply to my mission.

And thus far were the [promises] fulfilled which had been spoken by [President Daines].

Now let me explain by going back to October when I was being trained by Sister Blaser. We had our regular interviews and I had an awesome experience with President Daines. President promised that me and Sister Blaser would baptize together. We thought it would be that transfer but our guy on date dropped us. Then we got doubled out. So before every transfer we'd email each other and wonder if this would be the transfer that we got put together again to baptize together. Last transfer was her final transfer and we weren't made companions. She was teaching this guy named Seth and she told me all about him. He was getting baptized the day after she was supposed to leave so she got special permission to extend a day to be there for his baptism. So. Thursday morning I got the news that I'd be transferred to OSU (I'll talk more about that later.) I went into Sister Blaser's old area where Seth would be getting baptized. Friday morning after the departing missionaries were dropped off at the airport we got a call from President Daines. He asked if we'd be okay with having a third companion for a little while. We said yeah! Then Sister Blaser came. We got to be in a trio for a day and a half and we got to... BAPTIZE TOGETHER! It was so special. 

Okay there is so much to talk about. I'll start with transfer news. So I'm serving on OSU campus in the YSA Ward. It's a ton of fun and just super awkward all the time. I'll be here all summer at least and maybe even through the end of my mission. My companion is Sister Andersen. She's from Idaho! She came out the same time as Sister Hall and Sister Flora. We are already having a blast and finding a ton of people! So basically we just have quick lessons with people at the institute and walk around campus trying to talk to everyone we can. It's fun and fast paced. We ride the bus from our apartment every morning and meet some odd people on it.

Seth just got baptized! Sister Blaser and Sister Andersen have been working with him for about a month and a half. He was just golden and loves the gospel. His testimony is so simple and strong. It was a super cool baptismal service. It took like 6 tries to get it right, but it was awesome. 

That's about all. This is the last week with President and Sister Daines. I'm excited to meet the Stratfords this week! We've got a bunch of lessons and things lined up. It should be a great week. 

Love you all!

Sister Barnes

Just Listen to the Spirit (June 22)

This week was awesome! No surprise baptisms or anything, but we had a good time.

Zone conference was Tuesday. It was our last one with the Daines. I love them so much and they will be dearly missed. I wrote a long thing in my journal about how much I love them, but I think I'll spare you from that. Just know that they've had the biggest influence on me and what I want for the future. President Stratford and his wife will arrive in a week! I'm beyond excited to meet them and see what they bring to the mission! We got to go to the temple and it was wonderful as always. I got some answers to questions and just felt really good about everything. We got a new car which is worthy to mention. It's a brand new 2017 Chevy Malibu. It had 51 miles on it when we got it. Haha probably the newest car I'll ever drive.

We had exchanges on Thursday and I was with Sister Monroe. She's in Powell and is doing awesome things there. We met some cool people! One was Jack. Jack helped design the San Diego temple. He had to take “Mormon classes" in SLC to learn about some of the architectural significances of the temple. Super cool. We're teaching him soon. He lives right by the church but never made the connection that it's a Mormon church.

Evidence of 2 Nephi 27:20 "I am able to do mine own work." Saturday we both got this prompting to text this lady who we've stopped by a few times to see. All the times have been bad times and we haven't been able to schedule a good one. So we thought of her and said we need to text her, but never did. it just slipped our minds right after it came. Sunday morning we walk into church and there she was and her son! She said the church had been on the back of her mind the past few months. She's been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to learn a lot more. So even though we were bums and didn't text her, she came to church!

Then Monday we decided to be way better about following promptings. It was dumping rain and we hadn't been to our apartment all day. We didn't have any rain gear and we felt like somebody needed us and would let us in. So we prayed and headed to see this one lady. On the way, we passed this street that another lady lives on. We had never met her, but we tried a lot of times. We thought it might've been a promoting so we decided to see her. We knocked a few times but nobody answered. We had her number so we called her. We left a voicemail saying who we were and that we wanted to meet her. We told her we stopped by but she wasn't home and we let her know a window was open so she could close it and protect her house from water damage. We hung up and went on to another person close by. On our way out of the neighborhood there was a cop in her driveway. We drive past and he followed us for a loooooooooong time. He didn't end up stopping us but we think we creeped this lady out and she called the cops on us haha oops. Maybe that wasn't a prompting. Maybe it was. Who knows!

Everyone is progressing well! Just know that everyone is awesome and the spirit is definitely touching hearts here.

I am happy. I love being a missionary. Heavenly Father is the best! Transfer calls will come sometime today. I'll email again when they do!

Love from Marysville,
Sister Barnes

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Surprise Baptism

Brooklyn's Baptism

Let me start with a story.

Once upon a time last week it was fast Sunday. Two Sister Missionaries we were fasting to be able to baptize in June. Right when they got to church, bishop pulled them to the side and said he had a favor. He told them there was a less active family who had a 9 year old daughter who wanted to be baptized. Because she's 9, she would be a convert baptism and the missionaries would need to teach her. They said cool and asked when the baptism would be. He said next Sunday with her active 8 year old cousin. They got special permission and made arrangements to teach her. Then they found out they would have to do it in one lesson. So Monday night, they met Brooklyn and taught her everything. Everything was taught very simply. It took 2 hours but Brooklyn was a trooper and made it through.  She had her interview on Saturday. She got baptized and confirmed on Sunday with her cousin. She was super happy and it was really cool for the missionaries to see the miracles that come from fasting. They're excited to see her family start to come back to church. The less active family will be more active, Brooklyn got baptized, the missionary's fast to baptize in June came to pass! And they all lived happily ever after 

Cool story huh? Want to know something cool? IT'S A TRUE STORY. And I was blessed to be one of the missionaries. God is good. 

Yesterday was a really cool day. Brooklyn's baptism was awesome. A less active couple we've been working with showed up to church! We've been working with them for the last little while and they haven't been to church in 11 months. When they walked in the door our jaws dropped. They were talking to each other last night and were talking about church. They said, "well, want to shock them tomorrow?" Then they came! That was cool. Then there's this less active lady we've been working with since the area boundary changes. She's been less active for years. We teach her once a week so we've gotten pretty close with her. We finally helped her overcome her concerns and come to church. We showed up before church to make sure she was ready and she opened the door with her dress on and ready to go! It was her first time going in 11 years. Watching her take the sacrament was one of the happiest things ever. 

There were too many other good things. I'll just list them out.
We had exchanges with the Dublin Sisters, I was with Sister Hansen. She's been out almost 5 months and is awesome.  We got a Chinese Book of Mormon for our investigator. He's awesome. We taught the plan of salvation using the BoM. He would read a verse out loud in Chinese then interpret it to English. He really understood the plan and loves it. He's getting baptized in August.  Anna is doing good. Her son is not. He had another heart attack and is still in the hospital.  M. wants to get baptized into our church! But the Bible baptist preacher is still a bum and just asked them to be Sunday School teachers. Of course they're awesome so they said yes. But it interferes with our sacrament meeting. They'll still come to our Sunday School class, but they have over commitments that they're stuck with.  Marsha got her patriarchal blessing! It was from Brother Mitchell from the Powell Ward. He just got called as the stake patriarch! It was crazy to see a picture of them both, 2 areas colliding!  I made Sister Hall bike on Saturday. It was just going to be for 2 hours in the morning, but it ended up being from 10 am-7 pm. Haha oops. We had our last interviews with President Daines. I'm so thankful for his service and example he's been to me and so many others. His insights are always inspiring. After the interview he gave me and Sister Hall blessings. It was super duper cool. I love the priesthood.  And there was so much more.

That's all for this week. Upcoming events: temple tomorrow for zone conference, exchanges Thursday, Father's Day Sunday, NO PDAY MONDAY because it's already transfer week. I'll email next Wednesday with transfer news.

Shoutout to my dad for being the best dad ever. I love you! 
Everyone go to this link and watch this cute video about fatherhood. 

Love you all, 
Sister Barnes

Monday, June 5, 2017

I love to see the temple

Sis Holbrook
It's getting hot and we did yardwork so we felt like we earned ice
cream. A yummy place called Rollies just opened in Marysville.
Hello everybody!

This week was another great one!

So I've been looking forward to this day since we heard we would be able to go. Waking up Tuesday morning was even more exciting than Christmas morning! We had a great MLC and I learned a lot about how to be a better teacher and how I make my studies more meaningful. Then we went to the temple for a session. President Daines was able to take a bunch of us through the veil and it was a super special experience. Something really cool. We went in fasting and I fasted to know what to do to help someone get baptized before President leaves at the end of the month. I was praying a lot to try to know what to do. I had a prompting to look at the name I was doing work for. Her name was "Anna." I felt a ton of peace and got some good ideas about how to help our investigator Anna keep progressing!

Speaking of Anna. We taught her on exchanges!. We taught the word of wisdom to be sure she will be ready to be baptized in a few weeks. She said the only thing she had issues with was tobacco, which we suspected. She said that she's been working on quitting and actually completely stopped LAST WEEK! She's still getting treatments and help and stuff, but she was excited to see that she was living God's commandment before she knew it was a commandment. Sadly her 19 year old son had 2 heart attacks and she has been in the ICU with him and hasn't felt comfortable leaving his side. We haven't heard from her since Saturday so we hope she's okay. We will have to move her baptism but it's okay, we will give her some time to be ready.

Everyone else is doing pretty good! Lots of people flaked out for church but it's okay, we will work even harder to get everyone there next week!

We had exchanges! I got to go with Sister Holbrook who only has one transfer left. She's an awesome missionary and I was able to learn a lot from her!

That's about all that's super worth sharing. This week we behave interviews and more exchanges! I love the gospel.

Sister Barnes

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blessings on miracles on blessings

OHIO with Sister Wakley and Horne
The District or The Beatles? Can't tell!
Some members have a ceramic shop - I picked Columbus and Nauvoo!

Hello! We had a super duper busy week. We had back to back lessons almost every day. We had 2 exchanges and a lot of awesome miracles. We have been praying, and praying, and praying some more to come in contact with those who are prepared to receive AND act upon our message. And we have been working like crazy to help us find them, and help them find us. And here we are a transfer and a half later, and the miracles came raining down from Heaven all at once! From all sorts of sources.. self referral, sketchy sounding former, street contact, and a part member family! Here we go!

She found us: We were teaching a lesson at the church and we kept getting calls and texts...but we were in a lesson so we couldn't look. After the lesson we find out there is a lady at the church looking for the Sister Missionaries! It was mutual night, so there were actually people at the church, and they helped her out! We called her, and found her at the church after our lesson. SHE'S SO PREPARED!!!! We had our first lesson with her on Saturday and about half way through she says, " I hope this doesn't make me sound crazy, but this just all feels so familiar. I feel like I've been here, with you, before. This church is where I belong." WHAT???? So cool!!! We told her we would be holding a baptismal service on June 17th, and she almost lost her breath. We asked her if she would prepare to be baptized on that day, and she said, "yes! Um, yeah!! Yes! Yes! Oh my yes!! Yes!" So she's planning on getting baptized on June 17th! Oh also, she's been slipping in and out of sacrament meeting the past couple weeks, just because! I just love her!

The man who called the Cops: Sister Hall met a guy on exchanges about a month ago. About 1 ½ years ago he felt like the Elders were pushing him too hard and he threatened to call the cops if they came back. She saw that, but thought, "well, we're Sisters, not Elders. Maybe he won't call the cops." We taught him the restoration and he loved it!! He said he'd come to church, but he didn't, and he missed his return appointment... so we lost contact for a while. She really felt like he was ready though so we kept trying him. We found him again, and taught him twice this week, and he came to church. He was GLOWING! He said he loved it so much!! He's getting baptized on June 17th as well. He's so perfect, and so ready!!! Yay!!

Last stop of the night: I met this guy on exchanges on Tuesday! I was kinda pooooped from the day and was about ready to head home and finish updating for the last few minutes of the night. He was standing in his garage and we walked by. I didn't feel like talking so I ignored the prompting to stop. I justified that as along as he doesn't see us we can pretend that we didn't see him.. right? Wrong. I looked up and he was watching us. So we stopped and talked. Wow, glad we did! We taught him the Restoration and he loved it! He didn't believe in God four years ago. Then he got a divorce and started reading the Bible because his grandpa told him there was a prophet in the Bible with the same name as his. He hadn't found a church he wanted to join, until now!! He's on date to be baptized as well! We taught him the Plan of Salvation on Saturday and he loved it. He had a date to be baptized on June 17th as well, but he missed church yesterday :( so we are going to have to bump it back.

If we all had faith like children: Oh my goodness, E. is a dream! She's a daughter of a less active lady, and she really wants to be baptized!!! She's 10 years old. Her birthday is 2 days before mine. She knows a lot about God because her grandma takes her to her church. She wants to be a Mormon though! Wahoo!! We taught her and her little friend. They were having a sleepover. The lesson went great. During the lesson we really emphasized that everything GOOD comes from God. At the end of the lesson, we asked them to pray to know if what we taught was true and if the church is true. They got on their knees right then, and prayed about it, individually. They both opened their eyes when they were done, and they said they know the church is true. We asked why, and they said "they felt good, so they knew it was true!" We couldn't ask her friend to be baptized, because we don't know her parents, but E. is getting baptized on July 22nd!!! Yay yay yay!!!

So yeah! Those are the highlight experiences. On Tuesday I got to be with the lovely Sister Wakley from Idaho. She is an angel and an incredible teacher! The spirit is so strong whenever she opens her mouth. Thursday I was with Sister Mock! This was our second exchange together. Our first one was about 3 months ago, wow how time flies! We also had a ton of fun and she is an amazing missionary. She has such genuine love for all who we meet! I love being able to go on exchanges and learn from these awesome Sisters.

Life is good. I am happy! I am looking forward to this week. We have MLC tomorrow and for part of it we get to go to the TEMPLE! I am literally more excited than anything. We have another exchange on Thursday! I love being busy and doing the Lord's work.

Love, Sister Barnes

Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Live How You Want Others to Live"

The note we sent to the sisters in our zone!
Rain and humidity ... love my hair?!
Read the story below about the gum...


Today we are going to the zoo. I am very excited! This week was great. We have been busy with more lessons...what a good problem to have! We also got our area books fixed and have spent some time re entering everything. We are almost caught up which is a giant relief!

J&M are finally working towards being baptized on July 1st. We are excited! We had some good lessons with them this week. He asks a lot of really deep questions like, "where did the horses come from that were on the promised land when Lehi's family arrived?" We have been able to simply answer some and direct him to articles and things on One time we tried to answer a question that we didn't know much about. Let's just say we have decided to only teach what we know... preach my gospel!

My favorite moment of the week was when we were teaching C&C. We were going through the plan of salvation and had the 7 years old read the words to "I am a Child of God." The Spirit filled my heart and gave me a glimpse of how much better their lives are getting because of the gospel. Although they've been kind of flakey lately and haven't been to church the past few weeks, we can really see the light of Christ entering their eyes.

One funny thing. We wave at everyone we drive by, walk by, bike by, or anything. We drove past this little girl who was walking down the road eating some pizza. She waved back and something flew out of her hand and hit our car. We thought it was just a pizza crust or something. We forgot about it and later Sister Hall said "she didn't throw pizza" and we found a glob of gum on our car. Sister Hall started to pull it off but it just kept going and going and it is still on the car. Ew. We will scrub it today.

Oh yeah, the subject line. There is a funny funny guy who we are teaching. He said "live how you want others to live" and I really liked that. It's like the golden rule but just for life in general.

That's all for this week, love you all!

Sister Barnes

Thursday, May 18, 2017

God is Good, Life is Good

Mother's Day facetime is the BEST!!
This week and a half was incredible and very exhausting!

Because of how tired we are, we are taking lots of this day to rest. So, this email may be kinda short and lame, I apologize.

Our area book apps broke almost 2 weeks ago and finally Monday they got fixed. The high up guy in the IT office in salt lake says it best, "sorry you are experiencing every known issue on the books right now." Basically we couldn't sync and 2 weeks worth of stuff got erased but we took screenshots before so it's not a huge deal.. just taking ages to put back together. At one point we had 38 unreported lessons

Busy. We have been booked back to back almost all day every day. So many awesome people have been willing to visit with us and make and keep commitments. It's wonderful. Highlight story... Sister Hall was backing the car and this dad was just watching. He calls his 15 yr old son and 7 yr old daughter over to watch. So they stared at her for a while. She got in and said "um, I think they want to talk to us" so we pulled up and talked. They want to come to church and are so prepared for the gospel. We are teaching them again on Friday!

God's timing this week has been amazing. One example: we called this guy that I met on exchanges a few weeks ago. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he gave us his number. We called a few days ago and asked if he's read from it yet. He said something like, "wow, that's crazy! I just opened it right before you called!" Tender mercies.

Interviews with President Daines. Let's just say President loves us. When I sat down he was commenting about how long I've been in the North 1 Zone (Over 7 months). He said that he really wants to put either me or Sister Hall on OSU campus because we have the perfect personalities and it would be natural for us. Then he said "but, it's not worth it to separate you two." YES! So we think we are staying together another transfer. A few weeks ago we asked him if he would give us blessings before he leaves. He said he promises to do it after the next interviews if I promised to do something. What? Visit them when I get home! I said it's a done deal. I love the Daines.

Mother's Day was fun! Sister Hall and I went over to Marsha's and all 3 of us were together for the call to Sister Hall's family and my family. I love my mom! She's the best mom ever and I hope to be even half as great as she is some day.

Hm, that's enough for this week. Just know it was really really good. Transfer calls will come probably in a few hours so I'll email again when they come.

Lots of love!
Sister Barnes

Transfer news.. we are BOTH STAYING!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! also I FORGOT THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK! So PMG says that we are supposed to ask for referrals from everyone. We both were pretty bad at this. Until... we came up with a solution. A referral asking "incentive." It's between me and Sister Hall. Here are the rules. First person that asks 100 people for referrals wins. You have to win by 5. Loser has to buy the other frozen custard from Whit's. It doesn't seem like that much fun but oh man it is. I don't think we've let a single person slip by without asking them! The current score is 29-23. I'm up 😏 So this was a very inspired incentive because a majority of the people we ask give us at least 1 or 2! And, when we go to contact the referrals they usually give us another. It's a big chain that I think will go on forever. It's great and it's how we are finding the elect.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Prayers and pepto-bismol

Hey family and friends!

This week was wonderful and exhausting!

I'll begin with yesterday, church day! I have a new record for number of investigators at church. I will begin with them and talk about their progress this week:
1&2- J&M! They were new investigators when I got here and we taught them for a few weeks until she got pneumonia then they got busy and we had to pause the visits. We stopped by this week and we were able to find out that they discussed it and want to begin meeting with us again!! She shared some funny comments she made to him that are giving us and idea of what's up. She told him, "maybe I'll just have to wait until you die to become a Mormon!" So we think he is more hesitant but she is all in. They came to church and sat near Marsha and were taking notes and told some of the members how much they enjoyed it. We are meeting with them tomorrow and will pick up where we left off.
3- S. She is on date for June 10th. She had to cancel our lesson this week and is hard to get ahold of to set up additional lessons. We stopped by her work this week to set up a time and to see if she would be coming to church. She's kinda odd and suuuper funny. We asked what her schedule was like this weekend and she said, "I'm off Sunday, wanna hang out?" I said, "yeah, wanna come to church?" She said, "yeah, but I need a ride." So we got her a ride and she came.
4- Th!! I met her on exchanges a few weeks ago. She's the fuuuunnny lady who said "Jesus should be black!" So she had to postpone our return appointment and we were finally able to get back to see her. She is super blunt and a little stubborn but we tried anyway. We taught her the plan of salvation on Saturday night and she committed to work towards being baptized on June 24th. She told us she didn't really want to come to church so that was a concern. We told her we'd call her in the morning. We called Sunday morning and she answered the phone suuuper happy and said, "I'm coming to church!" She came and loved it. We're seeing her Tuesday morning.
5- D! He was taught a little by previous sisters but apparently they were too pushy and scared him away. He's the one who's brother asked Sister Hall if we believe in marriage. He said he didn't have a car but he wanted to get himself to church. He rolled up on his bike and stayed the whole time. Go D!
6- Faithful V. We didn't see them this week, but we will be dropping them next week. He comes to church and pays his tithing but isn't willing to get baptized or become a member. His wife refuses to come to church. No progress so no more visits.
7- M is a member family's friend. She is 14 years old and adorable. She's been coming to church for a few months and going to activities. I thought she was another daughter, I had no idea she wasn't a member. Through the ward council, they were selected to be one of the families we would be teaching all the lessons to. We arranged for her to be there. We had a great restoration lesson and she was excited to get her own Book of Mormon. We set up our next appointment and she whispered to her member friend that she "better be here." Sister H is going to talk to her mom this week and get permission for us to be meeting with her!! I love member missionary work. And lessons in members homes... to member's friends!!

Sister Hall met R. on exchanges a few weeks ago. She was doing yardwork and they offered to help. She said, "thank you, god!" Raising her hands in the air. We went back a few times and she took us to dinner. We were talking about our missions and she told us she wants a church tour and to take all of the lessons. Service softens hearts, folks.

Other eventful things MLC was Tuesday. I love MLC. I learned a lot about some of the basics of things we are expected to do as leaders and as missionaries. It was awesome.

I was a little under the weather this week. Tuesday I had terrible terrible allergies. Wednesday it turned into an awful sinus infection. Thursday was a really bad cold. Friday was still a bad cold and I had no energy. Saturday I woke up so sick and I think I had the flu. Only problem was we were stacked with lessons back to back literally all day, including dinner with an investigator. I wasn't about to let Satan take over the day! So I prayed a ton and took a giant nap during lunch. Between every lesson I took some Pepto-Bismol and made it through alive! It was a little miserable but I would've felt sick at home or felt sick doing the Lord's work so I chose the Lord's work! Sorry mom, I'll rest after my mission

Thursday we had exchanges and I was with my grand baby Sister Mayhew! She's been out about 3 months and finishes her training next week. We had lots of fun!

We went to drug court again this week and we are becoming really good friends with the Staff. When we were in the elevator to leave when one guy sees us. He goes "Wait!" Puts his arm in the elevator so it stops, and comes at Sister Hall to give her a HUG goodbye. She got super awkward, squished her body in the back corner of the elevator, stuck her arm out as far as she could, closed her eyes, and said, "WE CAN'T GIVE HUGS!!!" And he was super confused. It all happened so fast, and then we felt super awkward... But, then she pulled herself together, gave him a normal explanation of why she got way weird, and then gave him a firm handshake. Hopefully he understood. This Wednesday might be a little awkward, but that's okay, because we embrace it! I was just dying laughing the whole time, sorry I didn't help

We met with the less active who stopped us in the parking lot and asked us to meet with him. We went over with him, his crazy 3 year old son, his non member mom and her non member bf. We taught them the restoration and it was really good. He came back to church!! Huge thing for him.

That's just a few of the awesome things, I'll share more on Sunday when we FaceTime!! We will be facetiming at Marsha's and I'll probably call around 7:45 pm my time. Love you and talk to you then!

Next week is transfer week already!! Sister Hall and I are 95% sure we are staying. How do we know? I'll share a few things. So just barely I asked her what percentage we're sure we're staying together. I wrote 95 down and she said hmm, 95! Then earlier this week I made some banana muffins and we were eating them during our companion Study yesterday and out of nowhere we both say something like "we should put chocolate chips in these next time." And we looked at each other and just laughed because we have the exact same thought process about 100% of the time. Oh also after MLC we were talking to President Daines and he told us that we have a great companionship that it did not begin here. Whaaat!!! We were probably bffs in the pre earth life so THAT’S COOL!!!

Bye! I'll be emailing next week on Wednesday.

Sister Barnes

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Do You Believe in Marriage?"

Sis Gibson. Ohio is covered in dandelions!
A reformed dead cherry tree. The guy that lives here wants a Book of Mormon.

Matching night gowns and cool hats
I've been out longer than all three of these sisters combined. Yikes I'm old!
It's been raining for three days straight, we have to wear rain boots.
We drove up to a house and this guard dog was out. Sister Hall told me to unroll the window to see if he bites. He jumped up to the window and licked me a lot. Haha, nice dog.

Hello everyone!

This week was really good and unbelievably fast. I'll share a few things.

We had exchanges on Tuesday and Thursday. Exchange days bring miracles! Tuesday I was with Sister Gibson who came out a transfer after me. She's an incredible missionary! Her goal for the day was to be obedient to her first spiritual promptings. On the way to first person of the day we drove past a park. Sister Gibson said, "there are people at that park, we should stop and talk to them." So we pulled into the parking lot and embraced all sorts of awkward situations and talked to a few people anyway. The first was a photographer for a Columbus newspaper. He was here on business and we were able to share the Prince of Peace video. He doesn't like talking about his feelings
or beliefs but we could tell he was touched and that was needed. Then there was a dad watching his son play on the playground. The 4 year old son started talking to us so we worked our way over to his dad. We ended up teaching him a fair amount of the restoration and committing him to read from the Book of Mormon and allow the Elders to come to his home to teach his whole family. It was a miracle and he's a new investigator for the elders! Thursday I was with Sister Horne who came
out just a few weeks ago. Her goal was to talk with everyone. We were on bikes and went a few miles to contact some potentials. We saw a lady in her parked car with the window open. We met her and instantly started teaching the restoration using the pamphlet. We taught her the whole thing and extended baptism. She said yes. I felt strongly to extend a date for June 17th which she accepted! Sister Horne was so exited that someone accepted a date on the first contact and that we
met her because of our extra effort to talk with everyone. Sister Hall had a dream the night before that I put someone on date for baptism. She told me that morning and said she didn't know who I would extend to. I guess it was a prophesy!

Last night we had a lot of extra miles and had a feeling to go to the tippy top of our area to a certain street. It was wayyy up in the boonies and there were only like 4 houses on the long street so we
drove up to each of them. A cute old couple were in one of the houses. They let us right in and started by saying they didn't want to disappoint us but they weren't interested. We taught
the restoration with the pamphlet. The whole time we kept getting the feeling to tie it back to eternal families, so we did. The spirit was so strong and throughout the lesson you could see them locked into the discussion. It was amazing. We are going back this week!

The ward council started a thing a few years ago called the rolling 15. Basically there's a consistent 15 families in the ward that the missionaries will be teaching. It's a combination of less active,
active, and part member families. One family we will be teaching have a daughter who has a friend who has been coming to church and mutual for a while. We are working with them to have the friend join in on the lessons. Another family has a 9 year old daughter who hasn't been baptized and we will be helping her progress towards that! I love this ward.

Oh yeah! The subject line! We were talking to this one guy. His brother came out and was quite tipsy. He said to Sister Hall "you are sooooo beautiful" and stared at her for like 2 mins. Then turned to me and said "you have beauuuutiful eyes" then when we left he asked sis hall "do you believe in marriage?" She said "uh, yeah." Then I said "k bye!!!" And we left real quick. HAAH I saved her

That's about it! This week will be crazy again. MLC and more exchanges! I love the gospel. I love Sister Hall! I love Marysville.

Sister Barnes

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I am Happy!

The district. Don't worry, we didn't swim...
Columbus North 1 and 2 zones
On exchanges, "My Girls!"
Earth day - planted 50 trees

Hello!! This week was wonderful. I'll share just a few of the coolest things. 

We had zone conference and it was super awesome. Lots of focus on the simplicity of the gospel and how we can teach more simply. President gave an awesome training on using pamphlets in our teaching and we've been applying it. We also talked about faith in Jesus Christ and how simple but necessary it is. I love Christ!

We were doing some finding in an apartment complex on Wednesday. Our primary fell through and we were walking to our backup when a 14 year old girl sees us and says, "Hi! Can I talk to you?" We say "uh..yes!!!" and introduce ourselves. When she realized we were from a church she asks if we had a paper or pamphlet she could have to give to her parents who are looking for a church. We say "uh..yes!!!!" and give her a pamphlet. We talked to her about the front cover and asked how it made her feel. She said, "happy, just happy!" We talked about the joy that comes from Christ. We asked if she would show us where her family lives and she took us to meet her parents. As soon as the mom recognized our name tags she tells us about an experience she had when she was 5 years old. Her best friend was a member of the church, and when she got deathly ill she was in the hospital and two Elders came and gave her a blessing with oil. She perfectly describes a priesthood blessing and explained how she woke up the next morning and was healed. She remembered that experience vividly. We begin talking about Christ. We showed them the pamphlet and talked about the Savior and the feelings they had as they looked at the picture. They said "safe," "happy," and "warm." We taught the restoration as we practiced in Zone Conference. It was so powerful and they were able to make the connection of authority the Elders had to the authority that Christ had. When we got to the Book of Mormon, she said she used to study it with her LDS friend but sadly didn't have a copy anymore. We gave them one and they were SO thankful and excited. The spirit was so strong as we taught simply using the pictures in the pamphlet. We extended baptism and they agreed to pray about it and the Book of Mormon. Go!!!!

Some Sisters in our zone got information for a community service project that we were able to participate in. We were planting trees at a local park and were asked to pair up with other people. We met a lady named Val who gladly helped us. We spent a good three hours with her and got to know her pretty well. We talked about our missions and what we do. At one point, she said "I love that your name tags say Jesus Christ." Her friend in college was a member and set a really good example for her by keeping the Sabbath day holy. She let us know that this past Sunday she remembered her friend and decided to keep her Sabbath day holy. She loved the peace that she felt. She began asking us a lot of questions and we were able to answer. We invited her to church and she said that she has actually been looking for a church to attend. We introduced her to the missionaries serving in her area and they were able to exchange contact info. We're excited to hear about her progression in the gospel! We are grateful for this service activity where we were able to see promises from preach my gospel fulfilled: Through service, you and those who are prepared for the restored gospel come together in a powerful, inspiring way. Your good works will help people recognize you as a servant of God and will lead to opportunities to teach the restored gospel.

Thursday we had exchanges! I was with Sister Vickery from Idaho. She's an incredible missionary and we had a ton of fun. We met some cool people and had lots of opportunities to teach. We met P. and had a good time with her. She's an older black lady who wasn't super interested at first but let us in anyway. We taught the restoration using the pamphlet like we learned in zone conference. This time wasn't as successful at first. We showed her the restoration pamphlet and asked how the front cover made her feel. She said "nothing." We asked if she know who it was and she said, "Jesus is supposed to be black." I couldn't control it and laughed for a sec but then we talked about the artists rendition and began flipping through the pamphlet and teaching the restoration. It got better when we talked about the Priesthood and explained the restoration of it. We got to Joseph Smith and she asked where he got the last name Smith. I said with a straight face "from his dad." She laughed but kept asking. So I asked what her last name was. Then asked where she got it. She said "my husband" then I said "right, and Joseph Smith got his name from his dad." Hahahahahaha it was so funny. Her heart opened a lot and she's now a new investigator and is coming to church next week. She also is having us over for dinner so lots of wins. 

Marsha is on fire as usual. On Friday night we brought up patriarchal blessings and invited her to do some research on When we asked about it on Sunday she told us she's already set up a time to meet with bishop to get an interview for a recommend. She is so awesome and asked us to bring her out with us even more. Her testimony is continuing to grow and she inspires me. I love Marsha. 

C is a cool guy who's looking for structure in his life. He was in the Elders old area and is now in ours. We almost dropped him because he was being weird and we could never get ahold of him. Our "last try" visit he was there and were now teaching him and his niece. He came to stake conference yesterday and we're teaching them both tonight. They both want to get baptized!

We're working on finding a lot of new people! We've been having really good first contacts and getting return appointments but somewhere between our first visit and the follow up lesson Satan attacks them. It's really sad but we've been working harder to make sure they have a spiritual experience and a trusting relationship with us so we can address the concerns. We had ward Coordination yesterday and our ward mission leader proposed a special fast for the ward. We will be fasting to find those prepared to receive and act upon our message. It was a really spiritual experience deciding what specific thing we needed to fast for. We're looking forward to seeing the ward come together with faith to find these people. 

A lot more happened but that's all I can remember. We just had a district activity and we went ice blocking at this reservoir place. It was cool 😎 

Love you all!!
Sister Barnes