Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Standard of Truth (July 10)

Outside for 1 minute...

View from the 11th floor of the Library

This week has been so busy and so awesome! I've had to prepare for so many trainings and talks for meetings and church. During my preparations and was bored and created this.. I think it describes our daily encounters on campus:

The Standard of Truth has been erected; No unhallowed hand can stop OSU from converting; atheists may rage, immodesty may combine, flakey people may assemble, and humidity may defame; but the truth of god will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every fraternity, visited every sorority, swept every oval, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say "the work is done."

So where do I start???

MLC was awesome. It was weird to not have a companion and just float around between companionships. It was so different with President Stratford but it was great! First thing that was different: after the opening prayer President said he wants everyone to be comfortable and invited the Elders to take off their suit coats. Everyone was like
😳 really?! So that was crazy. Then there were some trainings done by us and we talked about how we want the mission to continue to be awesome. At the end, President told us that his first impression was that this mission is very obedient and diligent. The first warning that he received is that because of our obedience and diligence, Satan is ANGRY and is going to do everything he can to interfere with the work. He told us that we need to be extra cautious and be sure to never ever leave our companions. He said that if Satan gets one second he is going to attack. Then he went on and gave the elders an assignment to dedicate every apartment "as soon as physically possible." He said to cast out any unclean spirit and be sure they can be safe places for us to go to. The spirit was SO incredibly strong and we all had a renewed desire to be uncompromisingly obedient no matter what.

So that night we got back and the zone leaders and the district leader and his companion took us and the other set of sisters back to our apartments. It was WEIRD to have 4 companionships in our apartment.. especially elders! Ahh I definitely panicked for a sec. Once they started the dedicatory prayer the spirit was so strong. It was a really really cool experience. After the dedications I was able to lead a discussion with the sisters to talk about what happened. We are so thankful for the priesthood and the spirit we were able to feel.

So that was our Fourth of July. Freedom from unclean spirits in our apartments πŸ™‚
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I'm glad we could do that because everyone who was outside was drunk. We had some pretty funny contacts but it wasn't very productive. Parties everywhere!

Then Wednesday morning we went to the New Albany building and had interviews with President Stratford and district meeting. My interview was super cool. So before the mission president transition, President Daines asked us to prepare a "transition goal" to accomplish so the new mission president would be able to come in without any problems. My goal was trust. I wanted to make sure President Daines left knowing he could trust me. I wanted to trust Heavenly Father to know that he really is inspired with who he calls. Then I wanted President Stratford to come in and I wanted to be able to trust him and his keys and have his trust in return. So. Right after the opening prayer in the interview he said that I was one of the missionaries that he knew he could trust with anything. He went on about that for a little bit and I was just in shock, that was my goal! He told me that because he trusts me he will be sending a lot of challenges my way.. SOS. But yeah he is awesome. District meeting was good too!

Thursday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Hansen! We've been in the same district for 3 transfers in a row now. It's been fun to serve along her side. Nothing super awesome happened but we had some awesome contacts and just talked to everyone about how happy the gospel can make you. It was cool.

Friday was awesome. We got to go to the temple! A member drove us. It was her second time going to the temple since her baptism. It was SO cool! I saw lots of people from other areas there and it was fun. S.  loved the temple and is excited to go back!

So yeah this week was great. It was very very rainy and not a ton of people were out, but we still saw miracles! Everyone is doing good and we met some more awesome people. One was a referral from some guys we met. They said they've been busy but they have a friend that wants to meet with us. This friend is perfectly prepared. We also met with an awesome Indian guy who is on date to be baptized in August.

This week should be another good one! We finally have some finding time and have a lot of cool lessons set up. LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Barnes

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