Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up… (July 17)

Not somewhere tropical, just outside the architecture building
P-day ... skipping rocks and climbing things
The district in the legendary van
Brutus the Buckeye! We didn't know what to do when he put his arms around us!
Buckeye donuts

There was a ton that happened this week. We're on the bus and I forgot my journal at home so I'll do my best to remember it all.

The biggest thing this week has been the weather. It rained and rained and rained some more. The days it didn't rain it was blazing hot and super humid. I loved every second of all of it! Cool story. So we were walking through the oval (big grass area on campus) while it was coming down hard. We walked past this tour group and I said "good luck staying dry" and right then the rain just STOPPED and it stayed stopped for a minute or two. Everyone looked at me like
😱 and I'm confident they'll all get baptized some day. But yeah a few trees fell down on campus and the streets turned into rivers. We almost had to swim to get across the street (haha not really but it's as close to swimming as we'll get on our missions.)

Coolest person we met this week is super super cool. He is a med student and knows some members in his class. He is super interested and we're meeting with him this week. We met him after like nobody would stop and talk and he's basically just perfectly prepared.

Coolest lesson this week was with S. He's the guy who came up to us in a building and apologized for yelling at previous sisters. We taught him the restoration and shared part of the Joseph Smith restoration video. Afterwards he said, "I'm not going to lie, I was moved." He was an atheist about a week ago. Now he is starting to believe in God. The spirit does amazing things!

Most awkward thing this week was when we were talking to this guy. We had an awesome discussion and were getting his number. We always call the number on the spot to make sure it's real. He gave us a bad number that said it was out of service. He was like "huh? Weird. My personal phone is in my car, that's the number I gave you." So we tried again. Still didn't work. Then he got embarrassed and was like "oh wait, my phone is right here. What's your number? I'll just call you." Then he did and it was a way different number. But we got it and I think the spirit confounded him.

Funniest comment from L. this week. After church we were talking to him and some Elders. We were talking about keeping the sabbath day holy (that's what the lesson was on) and someone said something that was not keeping the sabbath holy and L yelled "apostasy!!" Haha he is around us and loves the gospel too much

Everyone else is good. I love campus! I love the gospel! I started reading Jesus the Christ and have a goal to finish before I go home. I just need to read about 2 chapters each week! Basically Jesus Christ is the best and I love him. Missions are the next best because we're doing it all for Him!

That's all!

Love, Sister Barnes

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