Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Another week in southeastern Ohio

P-day trip to the wilds....

Racing with the boys ... winner gets to share a scripture!
A pet fox!
 Hello family and friends!

Starting off right where I left off! Monday after emailing we had the mission activity. It was like 2 hours away. Past Columbus! Half the mission was there. We did all sorts of outdoor activities.... Soccer, frisbee, tug-of-war, three legged kickball, and lots of fun "Olympic" relay races. We had bandanas in colors of our district. We tied them around our heads. It stayed on really well which was great!...until I realized I didn't put on sunscreen. The bottom half of my forehead and the rest of my face was fried. Top half was white as usual.. Hahahaaa I looked so dumb for like 2 days!! So the activity was a blast. It was weird seeing missionaries in regular clothes... But it was good! The sports were all kinda awkward because you can get too competitive or kinda shove elders out of the way.. Bummer. And for frisbee, sister Blaser and I were the only sisters with like 40 elders...and we were on different teams. We each got it like twice but it was still fun. That was super stress relieving and fun!

The next super fun thing of the week happened over 2 different nights... Monday and Saturday. So both nights were on our bikes (as always) and were heading to someone's house. Monday, there were a bunch of kids just hangin out in the street with their bikes. One kid rode up to us as we were riding by and asked if we wanted to race. I said "YEAH! But we need to make a deal... If I win, I get to share a scripture." He was down because he thought for sure he was going to win. But he was wrong! We raced down the street and I won. So he came in and I shared a scripture. His mom came out and was worried that we were creeps so we went and talked to her too!! It was fun. Saturday night we were going back to visit an investigator and on the way, the kids are there again! This time there were more. They wanted a big group race. Same rules apply, if I win, I get to share a scripture. They were down. We lined up and went... I won again! Haha they wanted a redo, so we raced back. This time one of the kids won. He said, "okay can I borrow your scriptures? I don't have any." He wanted to share a scripture because he won!! I helped him find one and we had a nice discussion with all of us. We did it a few more times, taking turns borrowing my scriptures and talking about something cool. Some of the kids' parents were out watching us and we're really thankful that we were being nice to their kids! There's a little one that was on a scooter and was crying because he wasn't as fast. I raced just him and went into gear 1 and pedaled slowly so he'd win. He was so happy, and his parents were really thankful!! We planted a good seed in their hearts and are planning to get to know them better and teach them eventually. Yay!

We met this awesome lady one night who gave us a referral for one of her neighbors. We went and tied up outside their house was a cool pet... A fox!! What?! I'll send pictures. We went back a few times but
she never opened the door...

Another cool lady was this lady who recently moved here from Korea. She speaks almost no English. She is a former investigator and we thought we should stop by. Haha she's probably a former because she doesn't speak English.... We got to her house and she invited is in. She made is take off our shoes and put these weird slippers to come in. We were trying to talk to her when she looked at her leg and freaked out. I guess there was a mosquito or something? She freaked out, grabbed a can of raid and sprayed it everywhere. Then she got this weird lotion stuff that was like paint and covered her legs in it.. Then she had us put it on our legs too! Nasty. It felt like chalk.

We did some service this week! Every week we go to this food pantry and help people get food or organize donations. It's great. We mowed a recent converts lawn the other day. It took sooo long and it was so hot but we did it! It was Sister Blaser's first time mowing a lawn and she did awesome!

Friday was follow up training!! We got up early to head to Columbus. First thing, we were sent out to OSU campus to do some contacting. They challenged us to get as many new investigators (set up a return appointment) as possible. Sister Laidlaw and I were able to go out together! It was fun. We got quite a few potentials and one new investigator! I was pretty bummed that we only got one new investigator, but turns out we were the only ones... Out of the 26 new missionaries! Campus contacting is the best. Oh! Speaking of, school has started at OU! President Daines suggested that we spend some time contacting on campus. Yay!! We have lots of plans to be there often. We did lots of fun training activities to see how much we've grown. It was fun. One thing was what's called the baptism role play. You teach the restoration in 2 minutes using the word "baptism" in context as many times as you can. Sister Blaser and I got 32 on the first try. Way more than all the other sisters! And almost as many as the most elders. Wahoo! We also had interviews with President! He is so inspired. He gave me a few suggestions on things I had questions about and he suggested exactly what I needed!! He also told me that he and Sister Daines aren't worried about me or Sister Blaser at all. He says he's proud of what we've done, what we're doing, and what we're going to do! (No transfers please). Follow up training was a blast!

For pday we went to the wilds near Cumberland Ohio! It is the biggest conservation land in all of North America! We went on a fun safari and saw giraffes, zebras, ostriches, rhinos, and a lot more endangered
animals! It was so cool. Sister Adams in the ward took us! She's so nice and generous :) I'll be sending pictures of that! It took most the pday.. Hopefully we have time to email everyone we want to and go to the grocery store! If not, I apologize and God provides haha.

Well our progressing investigators are doing well! ... Lots of fun people :)

I hope everyone's having fun in school! I'm glad I'm not there

Next week is transfers so we will be emailing on Wednesday 🏻


Sister Barnes

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