Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Miracles All Over the Place!

Columbus Temple
Nightgowns on exchanges - acting out what nightgowns look like
With Sis Johnson on exchanges in Pickerington
With Sis Blaser on Hartman Hill - the driveway of people who basically own The Plains
Hey family!

It's been another great week down here in Athens.

I'll start right where I left off.. The temple! Holy moly the temple is so little and so so pretty. I love it! We were able to do a session and sit in the celestial room for a while. Our zone was there so it was fun to see people I kinda know. I love the temple and being able to feel so much peace and feel so close to Heavenly Father!

We have seen miracles all over the place! I'll start by telling you about one of our investigators, M. We met him a few weeks ago outside of Piggly Wiggly (the grocery store he works at). It was our pday and we were striving to talk with everyone, so we talked to one of the workers who just got off work! We talked a little about God, the restoration, and the Book of Mormon. We asked if we could get him a copy. We weren't sure about his interest, but we gave him a fair shot! We called him the next day to set up a time to give him the Book of Mormon, and he was actually excited! We met up the next day and gave him his copy, inviting him to read from it and pray about the truthfulness. We put him on date for baptism during that lesson! He expressed the desire he has to be baptized. We also scheduled a lesson and chapel tour at the church for a few days later. He was a little uneasy at first, because his grandpa was a Baptist preacher and when he was alive a number of years ago, he warned about going to corrupt churches. He didn't want to go against his grandpa, but he felt okay about the lesson. We had a great time at the church and had a good lesson. We were able to discover more concerns about attending our church. He offered the closing prayer and asked God for strength to come to church the next day. Sunday morning rolled around and guess who came to church... Yep!! He told us about an amazing experience he had the night before. He was asleep when his grandpa came to him in his dream. He told him that he needs to come to our church! So he didn't hesitate and knows he needs to be here. M. had a good experience at church and met a lot of awesome members! We will have a few lessons with him this week to continue to prepare him for baptism on October 15th. I know that his grandpa is in the spirit world and has heard about the gospel. I know that he told M. to come to church so M. can become a member and eventually do the work for his grandpa! I love the gospel and the wonderful blessings it brings-on this side of the veil and the other!

Another awesome person this week is D. (the cool black guy that used to be in prison but turned his life around...). We were able to teach him and his family-cute wife and 3 adorable kids- on Saturday! They're so cool. They're a little bit slower than some people, but they'll come around eventually!
And, mountain man came to church!! We were so excited because he's the most stubborn kind of investigator we have.

Those are the highlights, haha I don't feel like saying a ton more. We got to help with a bunch more service projects and it was great! We've been on campus a few times and had fun experiences there. We also went on exchanges this week, I went to Pickerington. I was with Sister Johnson this time. No super crazy stories from it but I had a blast! I learned a lot from her. She's almost done with her mission and is basically a pro. Oh and she went to Westridge for a while. She's a year older but I never knew her. She's cool.

Yep, that's about it! Not a ton of insane stuff has happened since Wednesday. Thanks for all the emails.
Love you all!
Sister Barnes

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