Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November in Powell

Fall leaves in Powell

Cool rock that looks like cheese!
Hey guys!

How is it already Monday again?? Time flies. I'll share a few highlights. 

So there's this guy. He pulled into his driveway when we are walking by. The street was really dark but we decided we need to talk with everyone. We went up and introduced ourselves without really thinking. He kind of stumbled towards us and I didn't think much of it. We introduced ourselves and he got excited and said, super creepily, "can I show you something?" He dug around his jacket pocket and I thought he was pulling out a gun or something. As soon as I realize this my heart dropped to the floor. We both started to run away. We were ready to book it. Turns out it was just his phone. He kinda laughed and we tried to not make it seem like we thought he was going to hurt us ha... He just wanted to show a video about why he believes the earth is flat. After he talked for a really long time about some crazy believes he has we gave him our card and told him to watch a video about Jesus. It was quite the experience. 

On Thursday we went to Marysville for exchanges. We were meeting with one of their kind of progressing investigators. We had a super awesome lesson with her! Long story short, the lesson was full of so many inspired questions that got her to realize the importance of the commandments and keeping them now. I have never been able to recognize the spirit so strongly as I did in that lesson. I had distinct thoughts come to my mind that we're not mine. When I opened my mouth, it was filled. It was absolutely amazing how much of that lesson was simply God using us as his mouthpiece on earth. The member and the investigator were both bawling by the end of the lesson because he spirit was so strong. By the end we basically called her to repentance and asked her to repent right then and there. She gave the most sincere prayer I've heard in a while. It was miraculous!!

R. hasn't been progressing at all. We talked with her for a while last night and decided to drop her. She is no longer making progress and seems to be getting further from the message than closer to it. We've tried all we can do. The rest is up to her and the Lord. It was sad to tell her that we won't be seeing her, but we have hope that she will some day realize she needs the gospel. 

That's about it! We had a zone training meeting this week and found out we will be having some conference AND interviews EACH TRANSFER!! Usually they're every 3 months or so. YAY!!

I can't believe it's November and that I've been a missionary for 4 months. It still feels like it's July to me! I'm just having the best time ever and have found so much joy in my service. I know we find blessings and HAPPINESS as we do what God asks.

"And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it." (Mosiah 2:41)

God bless!!

Sister Barnes

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