Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome to Zion!

On Wednesdays we wear pink
The District

Anna got baptized!

Hello friends and family! 

There was so much that happened this week. So many random little things that I don't know how to put it into an email... hm...

I.- after his "spiritual crisis" on Monday he decided to come to FHE to chill out. It was a Pioneer dinner for Pioneer Day! That was fun. He always just makes us laugh! Tuesday he called us and we were scared to death, but he told us that he sat with the Elders on the bus and was thankful for that tender mercy. Wednesday we had our hand off lesson with the other Sisters. It went so well. He got a priesthood blessing and is doing awesome. We talked to the sisters last night and they had a good lesson with him this week. He's still having a hard time with stuff, so keep him in your prayers!

J. - one of my first district meetings here we had a training on how to contact groups of people. This is awfully terrifying which is why it was practiced. A few weeks ago we talked to this one group of J. and her friends. None of them were super interested but J. said she'd meet up with us again just to get a Book of Mormon and bounce. She texted us the night before and said she read the pamphlet and got curious about some things and was wondering if we could sit down and talk. We said of course! We taught her last week and she looooved it. We taught her again this week and she loved it again! She came to church and participated in all 3 hours. She is so cool. Also the only girl in our entire teaching pool.. haha I don't know why girls usually never like talking to us.

S (recent convert) - he's doing so great. We're almost done with his new member lessons. We taught him about missionary work this week and role played giving away pass along cards. He's already given one to a coworker. 

Dinner- there were a lot of notable dinner appointments this week. A member took us to her family's house in Lewis Center. It was so weird to be in an actual home and eat real food. A recent convert took us and another member to Jimmy Johns. It was fun. A member of the bishopric took the whole district to this Chinese place. Holy cow it was good. 

Part of a date- okay this story is hilarious. So a member, texted us Thursday night. She said that she was on a bad date close to campus and asked us to save her. Why was it a bad date? They went bowling and when they were paying he said, "can you pay for yourself? You have a job, right?" Haha then she was just done. They were driving to the next location and she ran a red light to get a head start away from him. Where did she go? The institute! We luckily were there so we let her in. She made up some random thing about how we were practicing the lessons on her. He's not a member so I got a good idea. I told her she should tell him to come so we could teach him! He told her that he was not at all interested in the church, but he was interested in her, so he'd sacrifice to spend another little while with her tonight. HAHA boom. Member referral. So he showed up and it was just so awkward. We taught him the restoration and it definitely felt like we were part of a super awkward date. Despite the weird situation, the spirit was very strong and he accepted the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. He may even come to church sometime! Haha this will be a funny conversion story. 

A. FROM MARYSVILLE- Sister Hall emailed me last week and told me that A. was getting baptized! She was the lady who referred herself, said the plan of salvation sounded familiar, and quit smoking a week before we taught the word of wisdom. She was diagnosed with cancer when we started meeting with her so her progress slowed down. But, SHE GOT BAPTIZED! And we got permission from President to go. It was amazing!! I got to see a lot of my good Marysville friends, it was great. 

And a lot more. It rained. It was hot. Went on exchanges with Sister Hansen. Talked to a cool guy member who's visiting from Congo. He's writing a book and will be a general authority someday. Got hit on by some drunk guys. Found some really cool people. Our phone got possessed. 

Next week is transfer week! I will be emailing next Wednesday. We have MLC tomorrow. It will be a good week!

Love, Sister Barnes

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