Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Once an Athens sister, always an Athens sister

Fruit called hedge apples - only good for ruining lawn mowers

Trees! The whole leaf filled county is beautiful like this

 Hello everyone!

This week was awesome. So much happened, I don't even know where to start. Hm I'll just make a list of a few of the funniest and coolest stories that happened:

-Monday we went to our ward mission leader's farm and helped his daughter slaughter a goat. She is the coolest person ever. It was super cool and I was stoked about it all! We were involved in the whole process... Pasture to freezer! They use it for food. 

-Tuesday at 5 am we milked cows for a potential investigator. It took 3.5 hours to milk 98 cows! They have some cool machinery. No need to call me Sister Barnes... I'm Sister Farms now! Lol

-Last week we went to this random town called Doanville. Everyone knows everyone there and we did a different referral at each house and we basically went around an entire block. There was this one lady there. She was super drunk and just hilarious. She seemed interested so we decided to go back. She had read the pamphlet we left her with and remembered everything we told her before! She was drinking again the second visit but she loved having a conversation about God. Hopefully it sticks! We found out we're birthday buddies so we took a pic together haha. She told Sister Blaser that she has the prettiest smile. Then she looked at me and said "and you're pretty cool too" haha yes thanks

-There is a less active we've been working with that has been making a ton of progress! He hasn't been to church in decades. When I first got here, we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon again. He accepted with the condition that he would write down every concern he had and we'd discuss them when he finished! He finished within a few days but never pulled out his list of concerns. We've started teaching the lessons and the fire he had a looong time ago is starting to be rekindled! He loves his family so we thought it could be a fun idea to get him to do family history. We got him into it HARD! He blames us for his newest "addiction". Getting him involved at the church was awesome. He said he would be coming to church this coming Sunday!

-The leaves keep changing more and more! It's so so pretty down here. 

-Transfer news. Sadly both sister Blaser and I will be leaving Athens. We're getting doubled out. It's not what we expected at all. I'm so sad to leave this place. I am excited to see where God would have me go! Because of this change, I don't have a lot of time to email today. We have to pack, clean, make our rounds to say bye to a few people, and get everything ready for whoever is coming here next. I'll miss all the members, less actives, leaders, investigators, and everyone else I've met here. The people are wonderful!  God bless Athens.
That's all for now. Until next week!

Xoxo Sister Barnes

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