Monday, October 24, 2016

Transferred to Powell

Sister Barnes and Sister Bohner
Pumpkin carving zone activity
Hey everyone!

Not a ton has happened since last time I emailed, except transfers! First, I will update you about Athens. We got doubled out because elders were getting double in, we were the last Athens sisters.

We spent our last day in Athens visiting lots of members and people that we know. It was sad to say goodbye to everybody there. But I was very excited to see what God had in store for the people of Athens and for me!

I have been transferred to Powell! The mission president, President Daines, and his family are in the ward. It is kind of weird to be so close to everything. The big Columbus Zoo is in our area. Everyone here is so rich. There are no more trailer homes.. Haha. Everyone is probably billionaires and all have mansions. The area takes like 10-15 minutes to get from one end to the other. It's tiny tiny compared to Athens!! The tech elders are in the ward too haha. Our apartment is way nice, we even get wifi. We are so spoiled here it's awesome :)

My new companion is Sister Bohner. She's from a super small town in Nevada called Yerington. She is 22! This is her last transfer. She is so cool. Super gorgeous and a really hard worker. We already get along so well and have awesome unity! Adjusting to the new companionship has been pretty easy! She was also trained in Athens so we get to connect with a lot of the memories we have from there. I have been BLESSED with my companions so far. I'm so thankful for Sister Laidlaw, Sister Blaser, and now Sister Bohner!

Now the people in Powell! They really love dinner. No matter what time in the evening, 6-9, they are ALWAYS just sitting down for dinner ;). Haha. But yeah, everyone is super duper busy and are super involved with their kids and work and basically everything rich people do? The smallest house I've seen here is basically a mansion in Athens haha.

The really only investigator we have is a lady in her early 60s and within the past 3 years has become almost completely blind. She first reached out to the sisters about six months ago when her basement flooded and she needed help. The sisters have been doing service with her and have taught her all of the lessons a few times. She is still progressing towards baptism but is afraid to make that step. I'm excited to keep working with her and see what miracles we can bring.

There are a bunch of less actives here. We have been asked by the ward to reach out to them, so that's what we've been doing! One of the biggest miracles happened a few days ago with Brother Goodson. He was super involved in the church earlier in his life but over time decided the church wasn't true. Super tough story. From what I have heard, he has had a very tough past with the church and missionaries and members trying to talk with him. Somehow God's timing was perfect and we were able to have a good discussion with him and find out some of his concerns. We also got to schedule an appointment to try to talk about the gospel more and help him regain the testimony that he once had. We are super excited to see the progress we can make there too!!

Well, that's all for this week! I love you all. Thanks for all the prayers, love, and support! 
-Sister Barnes 

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