Monday, January 16, 2017

Rain, pajamas and momentum!

Hi everyone!!

The past few days have been pretty good! Not a ton happened so not a ton to say but oh well.

Wednesday evening we had a relief society activity that S. came to! Oh man she fits right in with all the awesome funny ladies. It was a pj party and we wanted to participate... look at our "mission appropriate" pjs in the picture.
They are slowly but surely progressing! S. came to church again and we were pumped. M. is still scared but it's okay we're working on her. She did go to a movie night that basically all the youth in the ward were at! Yay! We'll be setting a new for real baptismal date on Wednesday when we see them Super pumped about them still.

We had a note to follow up with this former investigator. We went and he was busy then but set a time for us to come back. When we went he had these papers with a list of 100 questions about the church and why it's not true. We took them and looked at a few of them and they're all just anti garbage. We told our district leader about them and he told us to destroy them.

So when I first got to Powell the bishop told me the work here was pretty slow. (I know, encouraging, right!?) Well about 3 months later we were in a post transfer meeting with him and he told us that he thinks the working is starting to get some momentum! We're thankful M. and S. are progressing and giving the ward hope.

This week it's been pretty warm (like 40 degrees) so we've been walking and biking a bit. One day we didn't really think and just went out on foot. A few miles away from home it started POURING rain. We were soaked. Luckily we had a member meeting us close by for a lesson. We hitched a ride with her and she let us use her dryer so we wouldn't be soaked all day. Thanks Sister Robinson. It has been fun to not absolutely freeze while we're out!!

Oh yeah basically everyone else dropped us this week! J. contacted us and expressed that she feels that her family should not take this path. We are trying to meet with her again to resolve her concerns but it seems like that may not happen. Bummer, but we'll find another family.

This week wasn't the most successful in terms of lessons and finding new people. I was getting frustrated that it was the same "we have a church," "not interested," etc. response at every single door we were knocking on. I've been praying and studying and earnestly seeking to figure out what to do to find people who are actually interested. I had a few ideas but they weren't working. I read a talk that encouraged me to pray and ask God what I needed to do/not do right now. I had been doing this every day but I decided to do it with real intent this time. Just as I was praying our district leader called us. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was SUPER annoyed that he'd call right in the middle of my prayer!! We talked for a bit about our week and miracles we've seen. I had the thought to ask him a specific question on how to help our area. After talking about some things, he encouraged us to clean up our area book by clearing out some of the records that were created for people who were only talked to for a second. I thought of the "what lack I yet" talk and remembered the story of someone who wasn't having luck in their dating lives and the answer to their question of "what lack I yet?" was that they needed to make their bed in the mornings. It seems like it's a simple thing that I haven't ever thought of but we know it'll be helpful to us to not see hundreds and hundreds of "former investigators" who were really just people who said they're not interested. It will give us more hope and allow us to rely more on the spirit rather than the theory that if we knock every door in Powell we'll find the person who's prepared for the gospel. I'm thankful for inspired leaders and little changes we can make to help the work continue to progress.

That's about it! Oh fun thing. So Sister Blaser (my trainer) and Sister Nelson (from Provo High basketball) are companions now and I totally called it. Wahoo love them both. Super duper excited for this transfer in Powell with my pal Sister Flora.

Much love, 
Sister Barnes

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