Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Yummiest ice cream!
Restoration Drive with Sister Hansen on exchanges
 Hi!! Yay fun busy speedy week!

I'll start with people.

-Our promising investigators- busy busy this past week so we couldn't see them at all and they didn't come to church. But we have a lesson tonight and will keep working toward baptism, probably the 28th now. Yay!

-The referral guy we texted and said we could stop by with cookies- cancelled and never responded again. We just left the cookies. Frustrating person haha. 
Um yeah that's about it but we met some cool people we have lessons with this week. Hopefully they go well. 

K fun and funny things!!

-Most funny things happened on exchanges. I was in Marysville with Sister Hansen! She's so cool. She came out with Sister Blaser and they're like bffs now. It was fun to talk about how much we love her. I'll probably just list out the cool things
  • we tracted a street named "Banjo"
  • we were talking to this dude in his yard for a while and a naked lady kept peeking through the curtains to see what we were doing
  • we were cleaning out this older guy's house who's a recent convert. he had stacks of old papers and magazines we were sorting and throwing a bunch of it out. he told us he was looking for a check that got lost. sister hansen was going through some stuff and accidentally ripped the check in half. it looked like an envelope with junk mail but it was a check. we laughed for like 20 minutes before she could tell him what happened. it ended up only being for $6 and he didn't care.
  • stopped by restoration drive.. every missionary's dream street
  • long story into a short story.....the car's bumper got a little detached.. all is well though 
  • we were trying a less active and it was dark and there was a crazy horizontal snow storm (like the wind was going NUTS and the snow was horizontal). the driveway was sketchy and long and through some woods. we went anyway but the LA moved. we showed a video to the guy who lives there and we were shaking uncontrollably it was so cold.
  • there was a potential who we were trying. she wasn't home but her 25 yr old daughter let us in. we were talking to her and her dad and they were pretty interested in the church. the dad had called his wife to tell her we were looking for her. she told him not to let us in the house and not to listen to what we say. he said he didn't care and wanted to hear anyway. the crazy lady ended up coming home and we got antied HARD. she was basically yelling and screaming at us. it was cool though cause her husband was like um lady you're crazy they just told me about it and I think it's true. we said a prayer with them and left. it was pretty funny, hopefully that guy comes to church.
  • we didn't want that to be our last experience so we went to downtown Marysville to find someone. nobody was out at all. a few people would run from their cars right to the inside of a pub. we basically ran after people to try to catch them. finally when we were headed back to the car some old people walked out of a pub. idk how sober they were but we showed them a video about Christ and they loved it. 
Um yeah so exchanges were the best and we had a blast and a half. The world would probably stop rotating if Sister Hansen and I were companions!

-OSU follow up training was this week! We got to go with all the other missionaries in their first transfer and trainers. We had lots of competitive things with different parts of PMG and random things to have memorized. It was so fun!!

-not so fun but I gave a talk on repentance yesterday! It was pretty good I guess. I don't really get nervous for talks any more.. and we got the topics a day before!

-we biked to district meeting! Why? Cause we can. And cause it takes about as long to drive as it does to bike. We found a cool short cut that gets us there in like 10 minutes.

THATS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS WEEK! Happy New Year to everyone. Transfers are next week so I'll be emailing on Wednesday! We're both most likely staying here in Powell!!!!! Super excited for that. I love it here and I love Sister Flora. We have so much fun together!! Hoping the likelihood of us staying happens.. but you never know! News to come next week. Love you all!

Sister Barnes

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