Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Selfie with President and Sister Daines
Some of the sisters in our zone acting out the nativity
Mass production of cookies to deliver to people for Christmas

Hi! Yeah another speedy week. Christmas was awesome! It was fun to facetime the family for a bit. I'll tell you about some highlights from the week:

We have two on date for baptism! We had our lesson at the church as planned. It went really well. The spirit was so strong and they accepted the 21st of January. We have their lessons mapped out and will be teaching 2/week to cover everything. Sadly they didn't make it to church on Sunday. They had a lot of family over. I'm not too worried about it because they both were super excited to come. We will be sure to get them there next week. I'm so excited!!!!!!

K who remembers the referral guy who wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon because he was looking for different churches online. We had a super awesome lesson and he accepted baptism, but unfortunately he cancelled his return appointment because something came up. We tried calling, texting, and stopping by to get ahold of him but he never responded. Yesterday morning, his name popped into my head. We sent him a text wishing him a Merry Christmas. Guess what.... he responded and wished us a Merry Christmas too!!!!!! We asked if we could bring cookies by for the holiday and he said we could tonight! YES!! I was definitely screaming a little each time he responded. So pumped to talk to him again and get him in the water.

We had our missionary Christmas devotional. This is the one time during the year that all 186 of the missionaries are at the same place. Oh man it was so fun to see so many good friends! We had a ton of fun doing a service project, acting out the nativity in our zones, having a mini devotional with just missionaries, and singing in the devotional for members and investigators! It was awesome. While we were acting out the nativity we were asked to take off our shoes and put them in a box. The senior couples washed and shined everyone's shoes as an example of what Christ did for others. They're the sweetest and it was really touching!

We had a billion Christmas breakfasts, lunches, and dinners all throughout the week it was grand. Lots of fun family traditions we were able to be a part of. I love the Powell Ward. 

We met a ton of awesome people this week. Lots of cool families with a lot of potential! Hopefully they end up being super interested. Get ready for lots of baptisms.

Funny things: 
An old guy who was definitely not obeying the word of wisdom opened his door and was so pumped to see us. We introduced ourselves and he said he was "Brother Tom" he laughed for a minute then locked his obnoxious dog outside. The dog barked like crazy the rest of the time we were on the street. 

We chased a mailman down the whole street to give him some hand warmers. As soon as we'd almost get to his car he'd drive off to the next house. It was probably funny to watch.

Love you all! Happy New Year!!
Sister Barnes

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