Monday, December 5, 2016


Sister Barnes training Sister Flora
 Hey friends and fam!

The last few days have been awesome!! I said bye to Sister Bohner which was sad, but I'm excited for her to be home and with her family for Christmas!

Let me tell you about my new companion :) Sister Abbey Flora is from Eagle Mountain, Utah and is just super great. She graduated this last year and has been working since to save money for her mission. She is super funny and is a really really hard worker. We are already having a blast and working super hard. I'm humbled to be her trainer, even though I think she's the one who's training me! I've already learned so much from her. I'm excited to see the miracles that we'll experience this transfer from our uncompromising obedience and diligence!! 

So since it's just been a few days, not a ton has happened. I'll share a tender mercy of the week. We were tracting last night in the cold dark rain. COLD. DARK. RAIN. Haha you get the point, it was rainy and dark and COLD. (K it probs wasn't thaaat cold but let's just say I'm going to die this winter haha). We caught a ton of people home but not many of them were super interested in our message. We used the light the world video to soften hearts and help others see the need to serve. One family we met said they were in the middle of dinner so they couldn't talk. We thought it was just another rejection.... We moved on. When we were down the street a few houses over, a lady runs out from the dinner family's house into the cold rain. She comes up to us and gives us an umbrella and told us they wanted to give it to us. We were so touched and thankful. We asked if we could come back next week to meet with her and her family and she said yes!!!! The joy that I still have from this small act of service is such a testimony to me! The past few months have been me serving everyone I can. Having someone take a moment to serve us made me see the joy that we are bringing people in their lives. I'm thankful for my Savior and all he does for me. I'm thankful for His example of selfless service. I love the Light the World video and the 25 days of service. 

We're excited for this transfer and the blessings that we're going to see!! We're willing to do whatever it takes to find the people ready to accept and act upon the gospel. I love Powell and Sister Flora! 

Love you all!


Sister Barnes

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