Monday, December 5, 2016

Out with the old, in with the new (brand new)

How we feel about life!
WOWOWOWOW this week and a half went by in 2 seconds. So many crazy things happened that I don't even know where to start....

So Monday night shortly after emailing last week, we were tracting this one slightly sketchy street. (Slightly sketchy for Powell... it's like the rich neighborhood in Athens lol). We walk up the driveway of this one house and both stop at the same time. I have never smelt weed so strongly in my life. Hahaha we were convinced that this house was the dealer for all of Powell. We got a terrible feeling about knocking on it so we left and kinda ran haha. We didn't know what to do but a part of a lesson came to my mind. The part about obeying and honoring the law. So, if we were to know about this weed house and we didn't tell anyone, we were kinda disobeying the law, right? Knowingly allowing others to disobey the law? We weren't going to have it. So we called 911. We told them we wanted to give an anonymous tip that a certain house at this address smelt profusely of marijuana. They said thanks and that they'd send people over soon. We walked near and drove around the area a bit to see the big bust. But... nothing happened. The cops came and parked their cars and we must've missed the exciting thing cause next thing we know they're gone. We are in this neighborhood pretty often because we have a few less actives and investigators there and every time we're near it we joke about knocking on it. Yesterday we finally sucked it up and knocked it. Guess what?! Nobody answered. But when we opened the screen to knock on the door, we could smell the strong strong smell of weed. So the problem was not resolved and we decided to never go back haha. (K I know that was super lame but in rich neighborhoods like Powell this amount of excitement gets me going.)

More exciting happenings on Tuesday. So our cars have these things called a "tiwi." It basically yells "CHECK YOUR SPEED" if you ever go more than like 5 mph over. The vehicle coordinator gets a report of these and you are only allowed a certain amount before you risk losing your driving privileges. So tiwis are not a mission fave. After dinner at a member's house we got in the car to go to the next thing and the car wouldn't move and the dash lights wouldn't turn on. We had to call the tiwi people and we had to unplug it for the night. So we were off the charts for a night woot woot!! Haha okay I'm making missions sound so lame but trust me this was exciting.

Thanksgiving was so awesome! I ate more pie than I've probably had in my whole life combined. We had a ton of invites and we went to probably 6 members houses. Only ate the real meal at one but we had all sorts of pies at the rest... yum. I'm thankful for the many awesome member families who fed us and support us in the work. The day after thanksgiving was so exciting. The light the world video came out and I watched it about 5 times before we even left the apartment for the day. We have been telling everyone about it and showing it to everyone. (Haha even if they say they don't want to watch sometimes we just play it anyway). 

Oh yeah funny quote of the week. A lady we tracted into who was not interested at all told us "be careful of the bucks, It's mating season and you don't want them thinking you're a doe."

Sunday was also funny. So first place we go is to visit this potential. He opened the door and his dog instantly ran out. It ran and ran and ran and we could not get it. His whole family was running around like crazy people trying to get the dang thing. We didn't know what to do so we started chasing it too. Basically the whole neighborhood was helping and we had to go in people's backyards and stuff to get the stupid thing. The dad thought the dog ran off somewhere at one point and he drove to where the thought it was. After over a half hour of chasing the thing we finally got it and took it home to his family. Hopefully he wasn't too angry when he got home. And hopefully it left a good impression in the neighbors that we want to help? Haha we then went to ward council a few minutes late and were out of breath and a little sweaty. Good times.

Monday night we received a kinda scary call. President Daines called and told me that I have been assigned to be a trainer. My next companion is going to be a brand new missionary and I get to show her the ropes! It'll be quite the experience ha.. #prayforsisterbarnes. She is arriving today and I'll meet her tomorrow at transfers! President will decide who gets assigned to who tomorrow after he meets them and sees how we all interact. I was in her shoes only a few short months ago. I hope to be the best trainer and companion I can be. We had a meeting during the day yesterday to "train the trainer" haha let's just say I'll be on my knees a lot.

Okay now for actual investigators and such. Well since it was thanksgiving everyone was out of town or had family in town and didn't want to talk to us. They all decided they're too busy to meet right now and we can try back next year sometime. So we don't have anyone super solid that we're working with, but we received a referral from the APs that they found out is in our area. Apparently she wants to get baptized. She has been gone but will get back later this week. I'm excited to meet her!!

I'm sure lots of people have heard about the OSU incident. We heard about it and it's super sad, but I guess most the people that were affected are okay. All the missionaries were close to their apartments when they heard and are all safe too. Thanks for the prayers!!

I'm excited for the rest of the week and the exciting changes coming. I am going to miss Sister Bohner so much! She heads home this week after the completion of her mission. She's such an inspiration to me and I love her to death!! I love you all and am thankful for your prayers and support.

Love, Sister Barnes

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