Thursday, June 15, 2017

Surprise Baptism

Brooklyn's Baptism

Let me start with a story.

Once upon a time last week it was fast Sunday. Two Sister Missionaries we were fasting to be able to baptize in June. Right when they got to church, bishop pulled them to the side and said he had a favor. He told them there was a less active family who had a 9 year old daughter who wanted to be baptized. Because she's 9, she would be a convert baptism and the missionaries would need to teach her. They said cool and asked when the baptism would be. He said next Sunday with her active 8 year old cousin. They got special permission and made arrangements to teach her. Then they found out they would have to do it in one lesson. So Monday night, they met Brooklyn and taught her everything. Everything was taught very simply. It took 2 hours but Brooklyn was a trooper and made it through.  She had her interview on Saturday. She got baptized and confirmed on Sunday with her cousin. She was super happy and it was really cool for the missionaries to see the miracles that come from fasting. They're excited to see her family start to come back to church. The less active family will be more active, Brooklyn got baptized, the missionary's fast to baptize in June came to pass! And they all lived happily ever after 

Cool story huh? Want to know something cool? IT'S A TRUE STORY. And I was blessed to be one of the missionaries. God is good. 

Yesterday was a really cool day. Brooklyn's baptism was awesome. A less active couple we've been working with showed up to church! We've been working with them for the last little while and they haven't been to church in 11 months. When they walked in the door our jaws dropped. They were talking to each other last night and were talking about church. They said, "well, want to shock them tomorrow?" Then they came! That was cool. Then there's this less active lady we've been working with since the area boundary changes. She's been less active for years. We teach her once a week so we've gotten pretty close with her. We finally helped her overcome her concerns and come to church. We showed up before church to make sure she was ready and she opened the door with her dress on and ready to go! It was her first time going in 11 years. Watching her take the sacrament was one of the happiest things ever. 

There were too many other good things. I'll just list them out.
We had exchanges with the Dublin Sisters, I was with Sister Hansen. She's been out almost 5 months and is awesome.  We got a Chinese Book of Mormon for our investigator. He's awesome. We taught the plan of salvation using the BoM. He would read a verse out loud in Chinese then interpret it to English. He really understood the plan and loves it. He's getting baptized in August.  Anna is doing good. Her son is not. He had another heart attack and is still in the hospital.  M. wants to get baptized into our church! But the Bible baptist preacher is still a bum and just asked them to be Sunday School teachers. Of course they're awesome so they said yes. But it interferes with our sacrament meeting. They'll still come to our Sunday School class, but they have over commitments that they're stuck with.  Marsha got her patriarchal blessing! It was from Brother Mitchell from the Powell Ward. He just got called as the stake patriarch! It was crazy to see a picture of them both, 2 areas colliding!  I made Sister Hall bike on Saturday. It was just going to be for 2 hours in the morning, but it ended up being from 10 am-7 pm. Haha oops. We had our last interviews with President Daines. I'm so thankful for his service and example he's been to me and so many others. His insights are always inspiring. After the interview he gave me and Sister Hall blessings. It was super duper cool. I love the priesthood.  And there was so much more.

That's all for this week. Upcoming events: temple tomorrow for zone conference, exchanges Thursday, Father's Day Sunday, NO PDAY MONDAY because it's already transfer week. I'll email next Wednesday with transfer news.

Shoutout to my dad for being the best dad ever. I love you! 
Everyone go to this link and watch this cute video about fatherhood. 

Love you all, 
Sister Barnes

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