Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bye Powell

Holy moly a lot has happened this past week and a half.

-transfer news: Sister Flora is done with her training and will be training a new missionary! Yay! In mission terms I'm a grandma. Because of this I'm leaving Powell and will find out where I'm going tomorrow. Super sad that I'm leaving my lovely area of Powell and my wonderful companion Sis Flora. She'll do great things here. 

-J&C-awesome young couple that got married a few months ago. They were taught a bit by previous missionaries but got busy with wedding stuff and kinda fell off the face of the earth. J. is very very smart and has a hard time with faith vs science. In the 2 visits we've had he's already showing a ton of progress and his heart is softening lots. Now get this. He is afraid to read the Book of Mormon because he's afraid that Joseph Smith was a boy genius that "programmed" some weird "virus" in the Book of Mormon that will basically brainwash him and make him become a Mormon. He knows if he reads it he'll convert. He sees both sides, if it's true then that's awesome. If it's not then it's changing his brain in a bad way. Haha not sure if he's super smart or just crazy. They're willing to have discussions and are going to come to church soon. We have a lesson tonight!

-We met some other cool people. I'll share a cool experience. We were tracting this one street pretty late at night and knocked into this guy. We had a good conversation and taught about the restoration. The spirit was so strong. We gave him a BoM and he said that we didn't have any idea how much he needed this in his life right now. Sadly he's out of town for a bit but he'll be taught again I'm sure.

-we had exchanges last week. I was with Sister Ali in Marysville. She's from the Trinidad and is basically the best missionary ever. We had a blast on her last exchange before she goes home this week! I also got to go on a mini exchange with Sister Myers and Sister Harris while our companions were in the meeting for new trainers. We had wayyyy too much fun. Also one day Sister Clark came out with us for a few hours. Her companion is done with her mission and had her departing interview and stuff at the mission home so we took her with us. 

-Valentine's Day was fun. We were tracting a lot because not a ton of people wanted us over haha. We shared a lot of scriptures about God's love! We met a bunch of people that liked the Book of Mormon and want us to come back and share more. Yay! After we got home we ordered a pizza and watched Meet the Mormons. Pizza and movie night ❤

-We did some fun service this week! We shredded papers in the mission home for President Daines, helped prune trees in Sister Goodson's apple orchard, did some cleaning, sang with old people, and helped sort (and get 😄) clothes. 

-the weather has been beautiful. It's basically spring right now. Lots of people think it'll get cold again though. It's been in the 50s or 60s almost all week. It's been great because people have been outside and are actually happy haha

That's all for this week. Until Monday ❤
Sister Barnes

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