Thursday, February 9, 2017

What do you call an alligator in a vest?

Tracting on Concord Road ... turns out it was an abandoned house.
We've been able to see the sky this week, this is my favorite bridge in Powell and probably the world!
We give our Chinese investigator the pamphlets in English and Chinese.
Fur wreath?
Weather was so good yesterday, 40 degrees and no coat!!
The sky is on fire - beautiful!

Q: what do you call and alligator in a vest? 
A: an investigator! Hahahahahahahahahhaa missionary jokes

Hi everyone!

Some quick updates:

-S&M: no lesson again this week. "Too busy". We think they're afraid of their date coming up and are hiding from it haha. Little do they know that next lesson they'll be picking their own.. ah patience. We had dinner with the Seversons, a senior couple that helps in the office, and they gave us a pie to bring to some investigators. We took it to them and good news, they don't hate us! Hopefully we'll be able to get that lesson in this week.

-S&R: awesome lessons this week. The mom likes tea but we told her basically to choose to follow man or God. Love that we're friends enough that we can be bold. They came to church and she signed permission slips for her daughter to go to girls camp so that's cool! They're reading and praying almost every day and they're coming so close to God. The mom said the closing prayer at the end of the lesson and it almost made me cry. It was so specific and she asked God to confirm the things we taught and for strength to overcome her challenges. It was seriously awesome. They're on track for the 18th :)

-R: did service for her for this week. Still having awesome discussions on the spirit. We're going in pretty slow with her to make sure she's ready now. She didn't make it to church because of a miscommunication between her and her ride, but she will be there next week. 

Oh and of course some fun and funny things too:

-we went to the way top corner of our area and tracted on Concord road. When we finish it we'll say we conquered Concord. There were farms up there and small houses and it's like the stereotypical Ohio. Love it.

-were tracting during the super bowl (nobody wanted to have a lesson with us then lol) and met this guy who was kinda grumpy. We introduced ourselves as the missionaries and he said "you can't be for real, the super bowl's on!" Then slammed the door. Haha

Hm yeah that's about it! We're going to bake with a member and have a fun pday. Love you all!

Sister Barnes

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