Monday, February 27, 2017

Everyone Knew It! Marysville and STL!

Sister Training Leaders - Sis Barnes and Sis Hansen
Chili cook-off
Balcony in the rain
Dowtown Marysville
Haha!! This half of a week has been awesome. So people in the mission love to make guesses on where everyone will be.. let's just say everyone was right and I'm pumped about it! I got transferred to Marysville to be with my good pal Sister Stuaney Hansen, from Clearfield, UT. This area is the STL area of my old zone, the north 1 zone, so I've been here on exchanges a few times! It's super fun because I know a bunch of the people and I've already been on an exchange with her. I will be serving as a Sister Training Leader for our zone and the other north zone. Basically we just do normal missionary stuff, plus exchanges with each set of sisters in the zones once a transfer, going to MLC (mission leadership council) and helping with zone training meetings. I don't really know what's going on yet so I'm not stressed at all. 

The transfer started out awesome. Right when we got to the church we rushed across the parking lot to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with a lady who was just baptized on Saturday! I actually helped teach her on exchanges a few times. It was so cool to see her there and doing her mom's work. She is the best. 

So our apartment was kinda messy and gross. We've been spending our night times and meal breaks cleaning out a ton ton ton of stuff and reorganizing a bit. It's looking nice already. Wish I would've taken a before and after pic! Oh well. I like clean things (yeah yeah mom I know...) fave scripture right now is D&C 88:119 Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;

Marysville is great. Everyone that lives here works for Honda. I guess there's a huge place or something out here that they all work at. There are a few newer communities with pretty nice houses (really little compared to Powell haha). Downtown Marysville is kinda ghetto but I love it. It's basically a small town that got changed into a busier bigger town. It's awesome. A lot more poor than Powell but not as low as Athens. It's a good mix. Also lots of country and redneck places. It's probably just what you think of then you think of Ohio. Lots of random corn fields, some trailer homes, also so pretty nice neighborhoods, a little downtown, etc.

We're working with quite a few awesome people! I'll go through the ones I've met:
-M.- just got baptized. Going through the lessons with her. She was super into her church but the sisters met her and she knows this is true. She's still getting super antied by her old pastor but she's staying strong. She's so cool.
-V&O- old couple (we found out he is 91!) they were baptized in the Jordan river together and they promised not to do it again. V. comes to church every week and O. is having her heart softened for our visits. They've been meeting with missionaries foreverrrr and he is basically just a dry Mormon haha.
-J&M- super awesome couple. The ward had a chili cook off and they came. We gave them a chapel tour and they came to church yesterday! They have kinda been moving around churches searching for truth so they're golden. They have gone on "mission trips" and love God and the Bible. They're pumped about the Book of Mormon. Michelle said we both had "an aura of joy" around us. We said it was the gospel.
-D.- super funny guy that's working on quitting smoking so he can live the WoW. He may have some memory issues but we're trying to see what we can do. He's so sweet and also loves coming to church. 
That's about all I have met. More to come. 

Fun things!
The chili cook off was awesome. They had a bunch of different kinds of chili and we got to have little bits of all of them and vote. Then they had chocolate desserts that we did the same thing for. It was great.
When we got home that night it was POURING rain. We have a balcony so we went outside in nightgowns and chilled in the rain. It was great. 
Okay I can't really think of anything specific but basically everything is funny and we're laughing ALL THE TIME. 

We're going to get to cleaning now. Love you all! Life is good!
Sister Barnes

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