Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Do You Believe in Marriage?"

Sis Gibson. Ohio is covered in dandelions!
A reformed dead cherry tree. The guy that lives here wants a Book of Mormon.

Matching night gowns and cool hats
I've been out longer than all three of these sisters combined. Yikes I'm old!
It's been raining for three days straight, we have to wear rain boots.
We drove up to a house and this guard dog was out. Sister Hall told me to unroll the window to see if he bites. He jumped up to the window and licked me a lot. Haha, nice dog.

Hello everyone!

This week was really good and unbelievably fast. I'll share a few things.

We had exchanges on Tuesday and Thursday. Exchange days bring miracles! Tuesday I was with Sister Gibson who came out a transfer after me. She's an incredible missionary! Her goal for the day was to be obedient to her first spiritual promptings. On the way to first person of the day we drove past a park. Sister Gibson said, "there are people at that park, we should stop and talk to them." So we pulled into the parking lot and embraced all sorts of awkward situations and talked to a few people anyway. The first was a photographer for a Columbus newspaper. He was here on business and we were able to share the Prince of Peace video. He doesn't like talking about his feelings
or beliefs but we could tell he was touched and that was needed. Then there was a dad watching his son play on the playground. The 4 year old son started talking to us so we worked our way over to his dad. We ended up teaching him a fair amount of the restoration and committing him to read from the Book of Mormon and allow the Elders to come to his home to teach his whole family. It was a miracle and he's a new investigator for the elders! Thursday I was with Sister Horne who came
out just a few weeks ago. Her goal was to talk with everyone. We were on bikes and went a few miles to contact some potentials. We saw a lady in her parked car with the window open. We met her and instantly started teaching the restoration using the pamphlet. We taught her the whole thing and extended baptism. She said yes. I felt strongly to extend a date for June 17th which she accepted! Sister Horne was so exited that someone accepted a date on the first contact and that we
met her because of our extra effort to talk with everyone. Sister Hall had a dream the night before that I put someone on date for baptism. She told me that morning and said she didn't know who I would extend to. I guess it was a prophesy!

Last night we had a lot of extra miles and had a feeling to go to the tippy top of our area to a certain street. It was wayyy up in the boonies and there were only like 4 houses on the long street so we
drove up to each of them. A cute old couple were in one of the houses. They let us right in and started by saying they didn't want to disappoint us but they weren't interested. We taught
the restoration with the pamphlet. The whole time we kept getting the feeling to tie it back to eternal families, so we did. The spirit was so strong and throughout the lesson you could see them locked into the discussion. It was amazing. We are going back this week!

The ward council started a thing a few years ago called the rolling 15. Basically there's a consistent 15 families in the ward that the missionaries will be teaching. It's a combination of less active,
active, and part member families. One family we will be teaching have a daughter who has a friend who has been coming to church and mutual for a while. We are working with them to have the friend join in on the lessons. Another family has a 9 year old daughter who hasn't been baptized and we will be helping her progress towards that! I love this ward.

Oh yeah! The subject line! We were talking to this one guy. His brother came out and was quite tipsy. He said to Sister Hall "you are sooooo beautiful" and stared at her for like 2 mins. Then turned to me and said "you have beauuuutiful eyes" then when we left he asked sis hall "do you believe in marriage?" She said "uh, yeah." Then I said "k bye!!!" And we left real quick. HAAH I saved her

That's about it! This week will be crazy again. MLC and more exchanges! I love the gospel. I love Sister Hall! I love Marysville.

Sister Barnes

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