Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Live How You Want Others to Live"

The note we sent to the sisters in our zone!
Rain and humidity ... love my hair?!
Read the story below about the gum...


Today we are going to the zoo. I am very excited! This week was great. We have been busy with more lessons...what a good problem to have! We also got our area books fixed and have spent some time re entering everything. We are almost caught up which is a giant relief!

J&M are finally working towards being baptized on July 1st. We are excited! We had some good lessons with them this week. He asks a lot of really deep questions like, "where did the horses come from that were on the promised land when Lehi's family arrived?" We have been able to simply answer some and direct him to articles and things on One time we tried to answer a question that we didn't know much about. Let's just say we have decided to only teach what we know... preach my gospel!

My favorite moment of the week was when we were teaching C&C. We were going through the plan of salvation and had the 7 years old read the words to "I am a Child of God." The Spirit filled my heart and gave me a glimpse of how much better their lives are getting because of the gospel. Although they've been kind of flakey lately and haven't been to church the past few weeks, we can really see the light of Christ entering their eyes.

One funny thing. We wave at everyone we drive by, walk by, bike by, or anything. We drove past this little girl who was walking down the road eating some pizza. She waved back and something flew out of her hand and hit our car. We thought it was just a pizza crust or something. We forgot about it and later Sister Hall said "she didn't throw pizza" and we found a glob of gum on our car. Sister Hall started to pull it off but it just kept going and going and it is still on the car. Ew. We will scrub it today.

Oh yeah, the subject line. There is a funny funny guy who we are teaching. He said "live how you want others to live" and I really liked that. It's like the golden rule but just for life in general.

That's all for this week, love you all!

Sister Barnes

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