Thursday, May 18, 2017

God is Good, Life is Good

Mother's Day facetime is the BEST!!
This week and a half was incredible and very exhausting!

Because of how tired we are, we are taking lots of this day to rest. So, this email may be kinda short and lame, I apologize.

Our area book apps broke almost 2 weeks ago and finally Monday they got fixed. The high up guy in the IT office in salt lake says it best, "sorry you are experiencing every known issue on the books right now." Basically we couldn't sync and 2 weeks worth of stuff got erased but we took screenshots before so it's not a huge deal.. just taking ages to put back together. At one point we had 38 unreported lessons

Busy. We have been booked back to back almost all day every day. So many awesome people have been willing to visit with us and make and keep commitments. It's wonderful. Highlight story... Sister Hall was backing the car and this dad was just watching. He calls his 15 yr old son and 7 yr old daughter over to watch. So they stared at her for a while. She got in and said "um, I think they want to talk to us" so we pulled up and talked. They want to come to church and are so prepared for the gospel. We are teaching them again on Friday!

God's timing this week has been amazing. One example: we called this guy that I met on exchanges a few weeks ago. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he gave us his number. We called a few days ago and asked if he's read from it yet. He said something like, "wow, that's crazy! I just opened it right before you called!" Tender mercies.

Interviews with President Daines. Let's just say President loves us. When I sat down he was commenting about how long I've been in the North 1 Zone (Over 7 months). He said that he really wants to put either me or Sister Hall on OSU campus because we have the perfect personalities and it would be natural for us. Then he said "but, it's not worth it to separate you two." YES! So we think we are staying together another transfer. A few weeks ago we asked him if he would give us blessings before he leaves. He said he promises to do it after the next interviews if I promised to do something. What? Visit them when I get home! I said it's a done deal. I love the Daines.

Mother's Day was fun! Sister Hall and I went over to Marsha's and all 3 of us were together for the call to Sister Hall's family and my family. I love my mom! She's the best mom ever and I hope to be even half as great as she is some day.

Hm, that's enough for this week. Just know it was really really good. Transfer calls will come probably in a few hours so I'll email again when they come.

Lots of love!
Sister Barnes

Transfer news.. we are BOTH STAYING!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! also I FORGOT THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK! So PMG says that we are supposed to ask for referrals from everyone. We both were pretty bad at this. Until... we came up with a solution. A referral asking "incentive." It's between me and Sister Hall. Here are the rules. First person that asks 100 people for referrals wins. You have to win by 5. Loser has to buy the other frozen custard from Whit's. It doesn't seem like that much fun but oh man it is. I don't think we've let a single person slip by without asking them! The current score is 29-23. I'm up 😏 So this was a very inspired incentive because a majority of the people we ask give us at least 1 or 2! And, when we go to contact the referrals they usually give us another. It's a big chain that I think will go on forever. It's great and it's how we are finding the elect.

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